You may have heard millions and billions quite often. Have you thought about trillions? Becoming a trillionaire is no easy job. Having this much money is equivalent to unbelievable amount of wealth. A trillion is such a huge number followed by twelve zeros. That is one thousand times a billion.

As of today, there are no trillionaires who live on earth. Such extreme wealth we dont see in our lifetime. Believe it or not it is an unbelievable wealth. In the past Kings had that much wealth. …

The rapid explosion of new technologies (mobile, computers, tablets and social media etc) also has dark side to it, infact no one talks about these matters.

These technologies slowly start to kill ‘human’ things in us, making us robots in every way. First lets get to the core problem.

Constantly using these devices creates more anxiety, addiction, sleep deprivation and high amount stress without you even knowing it. Worse, it exposes your privacy preventing you to live a private peaceful life. For example facebook.

The Covid lockdowns only made this worse, with most people working from home leaving people to…

We are launching White Dollar — a free currency for the world. It is the currency for the people, by the people and of the people.

The ‘White Dollar’ is a symbol of purity, freedom, resistant to monopoly, capitalism and hostile government regulations and dictatorship. The ‘White’ name symbolizes purity, neutrality and protection.

Bitcoin is only a cryptocurrency (not backed by any real assets) besides chain of trusted digital signatures in a blockchain, its value is simply based on supply and demand, suffers a problem of adoption, cannot be used widely, due to its volatility, difficulty in understanding the subject…

There has been so much publicity visa program in Portugal, widely talked about investing in real estate purpose.

Do you know Portugal offers these special visas to foreigners, unknown to many people. No one talks about these visas, these are pretty low cost visas.

Portugal wants to attract talent, innovative not just rich people who buy real estate.

  1. Startup Visa
  2. Tech Visa
  3. D7 Passive Income Visa

All these visas are issued for 1–2 years with subsequent extensions. Startup visas and tech visas can be applied online.

I have provided links to official websites so that you can refer there for…

Best Citizenships — Citizenship Planning Platform for HNW clients

We are excited to announce that Best Citizenships as a Global brand for Citizenship and Residence planning.

Best Citizenships platform was launched in 2011 assisting HNW clients with Citizenship by Investment (CBI) and Golden Visa (GV) programs.

Today we are widely recognized as a global brand for citizenship and residence planning.

Our platform works like Airbnb/Uber for citizenship planning, we connect clients directly to authorized agents, making it cheaper and faster for clients. We are not agents and do not advise clients. Our platform is free to use and we do not charge any fee for our clients. …

Republic of Vanuatu (DSP/VCP)

The Pacific commonwealth country of Republic of Vanuatu operates one of the fastest citizenship by investment programs in the World.

Today Vanuatu CBI scheme competes equally with world class Caribbean CBI schemes such as Grenada and Saint Kitts. Vanuatu remains cheaper and faster than Grenada or Saint Kitts.

Vanuatu operates two economic citizenship schemes

  1. Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP) and
  2. Vanuatu Contribution Program (VCP)

Both the schemes have minimum USD 130,000 investment minimum. One difference between the two schemes is RIGHT TO VOTE only possible through VCP scheme.

Investing in real estate for Vanuatu passports is suspended by Government since…

Throughout the history the twenties has been hit by major disease outbreaks and epidemics


Smallpox was an unknown disease not only in Mexico, but in the Americas, before the arrival of Europeans

The native people of Mexico experienced an Smallpox epidemic disease in the wake of European conquest (Figure 1), beginning with the smallpox epidemic of 1519 to1520 when 5 million to 8 million people perished.


Algiers lost 30,000–50,000 to it in 1620–21 as a result of second epidemic of Blackdeath


The Great Plague of Marseille was the last of the significant European outbreaks of bubonic plague. Arriving in Marseille…

Paid Citizenship by Investment Programs

Roughly two thousand years ago, Romans offered paid citizenship for money. One could buy Roman citizenship, at a very high price. Roman citizens enjoyed a number of rights and privileges that came attached with citizenship, including free movement across the Roman empire from east to west, owning a property, legal rights etc. The granting of Roman citizenship to allies and conquered lands through Romanization, played a very important role in the success story of Rome.

There are different types of citizenships (blood, soil, naturalization) but globalization, volatility and political instability in many countries, is driving the growth of new form…

The Yellow Network for the CBI industry

The Yellow network consists of 10 exciting startup brands for the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) industry which include news media outlet, museum, council and forum as non-profits.

We are slowly growing to become one of the biggest brands in the CBI and Golden visa industry.

Citizenship Coin (CTZ)

CBI/RBI industry have grown to $10 billion dollar industry annually, expanding globally in many countries, and is projected to grow 20% every year. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are still not accepted widely in the CBI/RBI/EB-5 industry. Lack of knowledge and difficulty in understanding about cryptocurrency and blockchain has pushed the industry behind others from using new emerging technologies. The reliance of fiat currencies including US dollar and banking services are far greater than ever. The industry needs a fast, cheaper trusted crypto payment solution.

What is Citizenship Coin?

Citizenship coin (CTZ) is a first of its kind crypto currency payment system for the CBI/RBI…

Prabhu Balakrishnan

Entrepreneur and Investor.Founder of Best Citizenships and World Citizenship Council. Interests include Travel, Machine learning, Cryptocurrencies. Coffee Lover

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